When I was living in Uttarkashi, I had good Nishtha, exalted Vrittis and good Dharma. I have lost them now after entering the plains, even though I do Sadhana. Why? How to raise myself as before?

Contact with worldly-minded people at once affects the mind. Vikshepa comes in. The
mind imitates. Bad, luxurious habits are developed. Bad environments and bad associations
play a tremendous part and produce a bad influence on the mind of Sadhaks. Old Samskaras are
revived. I will ask you to run at once to Uttarkashi, back again. Don’t delay even a single
minute. As the mind is formed out of the subtlest part of the food, i.e., gets attached to that man
from whom it receives its food. Don’t be… http://bit.ly/b0RTtk